Sony Japan Studio Teases Panopticon, Full Reveal On May 21st


Following a week-long countdown, Sony’s Japan Studio has released a teaser trailer today for a new game that will potentially be titled Panopticon, according to the page name on the studio’s official website.

Not much is currently know about Panopticon (including what genre it will fall into, or which Sony platforms it will be released on), however, the confusing teaser trailer does provide some clues as to the game’s setting. The trailer depicts a sort of augmented reality dependent futuristic city (which could be London, based on an appearance by the Big Ben clock tower), where every citizen has a rather long string of numbers and bar code above their heads. The numbers themselves seem to change at certain points, so it is unclear if it represents an ID tag or something else.

The one thing that is clear from the trailer is that the world of Panopticon is extremely totalitarian in nature, as the streets are filled with surveillance cameras and not-so-friendly police in techno-cyclops headgear.

Back in January of this year SCEE trademarked the name Panopticon — which is Greek for “seeing everything”. Judging from the teaser trailer (embedded below), the name appears to be very appropriate to the overall theme of the mysterious game.

Panopticon is expected to be fully revealed on May 21st. We will let you know as soon as Sony gives the game a proper announcement.