Sony Unveils The Apple TV-Esque PS Vita TV; Brings PSP, PS Vita To The Big Screen


Early this morning, Sony addressed its eastern demographic during its pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference. During this showcase, the company announced a brand new PlayStation-related piece of hardware entitled PS Vita TV. Measuring 6 by 10 centimetres, the minute box will connect to the gamer’s television via a HDMI port, thereby accessing their library of games across a wide spectrum of PlayStation platforms – including PS4, PS Vita, PSP and even PSone Classics.

Not only that, the PS Vita TV will also act as a streaming device in the vein of Apple TV, granting consumers with the ability to play their entertainment services such as Hulu through the micro-console remotely. Essentially a companion piece, the new hardware also provides the opportunity to play PlayStation games away from any given hardware. So, for example, you’ll be able to boot up a PSP title using the DualShock 3 – which acts as the PS Vita TV’s native controller – without having to dust off your old handheld. Check out this promotional video which Sony released in tandem with the announcement:

In terms of pricing, the company detailed two separate bundles for the device. One of these will feature an 8GB memory card with the aforementioned DualShock 3 for ¥14,280 ($150). The other will allow Japanese consumers to pick up the device independently when it launches on the 14th of November for ¥9,480 – which equates to approximately $100. In order to put the device into perspective, Sony published the list of specifications for the PS Vita TV, which you can feast your tech-savvy eyes on below:

According to Sony’s Andrew House – who took to the stage to announce the new hardware – the device “will allow your TV to evolve and become more fun.” While the PS Vita TV places a strong emphasis on streaming services, it’s important to note that not all titles in the Vita’s library will be compatible with the device due to input methods such as the touchscreen and motion sensor, which are native to the handheld. In saying that, the microconsole does accept PS Vita memory cards, which will allay fears about transferring save files to the new platform.

Compatibility with the PS4 will come via a system update at a later date, Sony has confirmed; one which will allow players to play their next-gen hardware on any television within their home. And although it hasn’t been confirmed for any other territories, the PS Vita TV has the potential to compete with Western devices such as the Apple TV, should the company choose to launch it in other markets.

Until that time, though, give us your thoughts on Sony’s new hardware. Are you surprised by their approach to TV? Or do you think the device will find a foothold in the market? Let us know in the comments below.