New Soulcalibur V Trailers Showcase Online Lobby, Story Mode

It’s only a few weeks away, but there’s still stuff we don’t know about Soulcalibur V. Thankfully, a pair of new trailers released over the weekend showcase just a little bit more of what we wanted to know about; online and story modes.

The online modes and story modes in Soulcalibur IV were, to put it bluntly, lacking. Online was laggy and difficult to get past and the story mode was simply a glorified arcade ladder system with one or two cutscenes thrown in.

We know now that the story mode in the new game has an actual story to it. While we won’t know exactly how the online works in terms of stability until the game is released on January 31, at least there’s confirmation that the interface will be more pleasant to deal with, with the addition of a real lobby and spectator system.

Yes, I realize both of these trailers are in Japanese, but that just means you either really have to appreciate the visuals, or really pay attention to when the lobby shows up.

You know what these trailers made me ask? Is Assassin’s Creed really popular in Japan? It doesn’t really seem like a character that Japanese gamers would respond to. Then again, it’s better than Darth Vader.

Story trailer:

[Sorry, the video is currently unavailable]

SoulCalibur V is out January 31.

What say you, gamers? Are you as excited as I am to relive a tale of souls and swords?