Star Trek Game Gets An E3 Trailer

While you may be wondering why this is only being developed now, the new E3 trailer for the upcoming Star Trek game actually looks quite promising. The 2012 release is still a ways away but the pre-Alpha gameplay footage shown here isn’t too shabby. The J.J. Abrams film serves as the inspiration for this one and it looks like it could be a worthwhile companion to the movie.

Why it took so long to make I have no idea but better late than never right? Digital Extremes is developing for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC and the game will have players taking control of Spock and Kirk in what is being called an “unprecedented co-op experience.”

For me personally, I’m hoping that this gives us some hints as to what we can expect in the next Star Trek film. I’m also hoping that it won’t be just another crummy and rushed game based on a movie. Because let’s face it, movie based games usually suck. Judging by the trailer though, this one looks like it has potential.

Star Trek will support the Playstation Move and will also feature an exclusive PSN prequel title. Check out the trailer below.