Sunset Overdrive Gets A New Trailer, Gameplay Footage And Release Date


Insomniac Games haven’t really had the greatest luck lately. Their most recent releases in the Ratchet And Clank franchise have felt uninspired and lacking in any real direction, while their venture into a new franchise with Fuse resulted in a truly god-awful game that failed miserably at mixing the company’s knack for zany weapons into a realistic setting. Certainly it is time they get back on the right track then, right?

Sunset Overdrive is another new franchise from the studio, and one that we already got a glimpse of at last year’s E3. Today though, we are getting an extended look at how the game actually plays and it looks like Insomniac has gone back to their roots. In addition to boasting some very strange and unique weapons and monsters, the environment is also very colorful and carries an appealing cartoonish look.

Most importantly, though, the game looks fun as hell and like a mixture of Dead Rising, Saints Row, and… Tony Hawk. Yeah, even I’m a bit surprised at that comparison, but the core gameplay involves the player grinding around various areas of the world while either shooting at or chopping up monsters along the way. It all looks very smooth and fast-paced and the announcement of 8 player co-op only has us even more excited.

Sunset Overdrive will be launching exclusively for Xbox One on October 28th.