Super Mario 3D World’s Box Art Is Cat-Tastic!

super mario 3d world box art top image

The Big N revealed the official box art for EAD Tokyo’s upcoming Wii U platformer, Super Mario 3D World, this week, giving the Nintendo faithful their first look at how the game will look on store shelves this November.

Overall, the box art for Super Mario 3D World is just a bright and colorful as you would expect from the cheerful series, and there is no denying the cuteness that is Mario and company’s cat suits. I suppose the only real complaint that I have is that it is a little strange to see Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad doubled up in both their normal and cat attire in the same picture.

That, and why is it that Mario is the only one who doesn’t get a cat suit that is the same color as his standard duds?

At any rate, check out a larger version of Super Mario 3D World‘s box art in the gallery below, and stick with WGTC for more coverage on the platformer as we get closer to its release on November 22nd.