Super Mega Baseball 2 Announced For 2017 Release


After a successful rookie outing in 2014, Metalhead Software Inc. will return to the field with Super Mega Baseball 2. Currently scheduled to launch in 2017, the sequel will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Building off the foundation established in the original, Super Mega Baseball 2 looks to be another dose of arcade-baseball action. The biggest change coming with the sequel is undoubtedly the addition of online play. One of the biggest criticisms of the last release was that, despite being ripe for it, the title was lacking in online features. With the sequel, though, both online PvP and co-op play will be included.

Customization is also a major focus point for Metalhead Software Inc. with the title. While the original Super Mega Baseball had some light customization features, the sequel will give greater control to the players. You’ll now be given full power to shape the league as you see fit. From designing logos to creating brand new teams, the league can be modified in almost every way.

Finally, while the cartoon look of its predecessor fit the gameplay, the graphics have been revamped for Super Mega Baseball 2. The miniature character models have been given a more realistic look, while the stadiums have been completely overhauled. The interface as a whole has been completely modified, as well.

Metalhead co-founder Scott Drader offered up his thoughts on why they are switching things up in 2017.

With the launch of Super Mega Baseball we received an overwhelming and positive response from the community, confirmation of sustained interest in the style of streamlined gameplay in sports games, and some excellent feedback. That feedback was consistent with our roadmap for the product and that has made decisions on where to improve the game rather easy – we’re improving upon the original largely with the set of features most requested by the community.

While MLB: The Show is still my favorite, I was a major fan of Super Mega Baseball when I reviewed it last year. I thought the gameplay was top notch, particularly in regards to the “Ego” system, which scales the difficulty depending on how you are doing. And if you’re on the Xbox One and don’t believe me, you can find out for yourself when it joins the Games with Gold program in October.

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