Leaked Survey May Have Revealed PlayStation 5’s Price

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Sony and Microsoft’s next generation of consoles will launch this holiday season, and gamers are eagerly awaiting their opportunity to dive into all the new technology and fresh gaming experiences that have been announced so far. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X was revealed in December of last year, and though we’ll have to wait until later in July to hear more about their first-party offerings like Halo Infinite, they’ve clearly invested time, money and love into earning more respect this go-around. Sony, meanwhile, showed off their PlayStation 5 last month to great acclaim, showcasing 26 beautiful new titles and an unusual and eye-popping form factor for the hardware.

Sadly for those excitedly standing by to preorder the new systems, neither company has announced a price for their upcoming consoles. It’s been quite obvious that the two competitors are hoping to wait each other out in hopes of ensuring they don’t announce too high of a cost for their own hardware, but with the holidays closing in, someone’s going to have to make a move fairly soon.

While it remains to be seen when Sony will break the silence, a deleted post on Reddit may now give us an idea of how much the PlayStation 5, specifically, could cost when it launches later this year. User Youessbee shared information from a Nielsen survey that asked consumers if they’d be willing to pay $435 for the console with a disc tray and $323 for the all-digital version.

Of course, it’s important to remember that these are just test prices and wouldn’t reflect on what actual pricing would look like at launch. If these numbers are, indeed, indicative of the cost of the two versions, though, it’s more likely the official pricing would be $449.99 and $349.99.

In any case, the PlayStation 5 is scheduled to release this holiday season, and an official price and launch date should be announced relatively soon.