Take An Early Look At Cliff Bleszinski’s New Free-To-Play Arena Shooter


Despite the fact that the project is still incubating in the early stages of development, industry veteran Cliff Bleszinski has showcased a slice of pre-alpha footage for his upcoming arena shooter.

Currently tethered with the Project BlueStreak codename, the title appears to take place in the near future, replete with assault rifles and foreboding samurai swords. By the same virtue, the aesthetic itself combines elements of science fiction with Japanese culture, which is all brought to life using the power of Unreal Engine 4.

In a statement, Bleszinski revealed that he was able to gain access to the game development tool through his connections with Epic Games, a studio where he spent a significant chunk of his career as a design director.

“We considered several options regarding what technology we’d use to build ‘Project BlueStreak’. Ultimately, we found ourselves coming full circle to my friends at Epic Games and the elegant solution for rapid and quality game development that is Unreal Engine 4,” Bleszinski stated. “We look forward to making a top-tier product through this partnership.”

Not much is known about Bleszinski’s Project BlueStreak aside from its innate sci-fi tendencies and the fact that the free-to-play title, whatever it’s called upon release, will launch as a new IP. It remains to be seen just how much Boss Key Productions want to show off from the pre-alpha build, though the fact that the project has Cliff Bleszinski at the helm is enough to warrant our excitement.

We’ll have much more about Boss Key’s property as it nears completion. For now, let us know your early impressions using the comments below.

Source: Eurogamer

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