Techland Debuts First Trailer For Dying Light Expansion The Following


Developer Techland has nailed down a release window for Dying Light‘s latest expansion, The Following. Due to launch across all platform in Q1 2016, the DLC pack will be priced at $14.99, with season pass holders being able to download the add-on free of charge.

Heralding the addition of dune buggies and an entirely new area to jump, leap and wall-run in, Techland trumpeted the key qualities of The Following, noting that the expansion is both “feature heavy” and “story-based.”

Today’s all-too-brief trailer is merely a hint of what’s to come, really, and so long as the studio has retained the intoxicating, free-flowing gameplay, we’re sure the add-on will satisfy our fix for slaying the undead in style. As demonstrated during Gamescom back in August, here’s the official rundown from Techland.

“So since Gamescom 2015, we revealed quite a bit about our upcoming expansion: the vast countryside map, the customizable dirt buggy, a new story and more. What we couldn’t say before though, was the release date. Today we finally know that Dying Light: The Following will launch within the first three months of 2016. This gives us enough time to put in all the content and surprises we have planned for you guys. So keep your eyes peeled for some sneak peeks into what we have in the works for you all. And we promise to share the exact day of release as soon as we get a final decision.”

Dying Light fans don’t have too wait too much longer before returning to Techland’s post-apocalyptic playground, with The Following now slated for a release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in Q1 2016.