Telltale Games Announces Partnership With Marvel


Since the initial success of their first season of The Walking Dead, developer Telltale Games has gained a lot of prominence in the industry and have been able to secure deals to make episodic adventure games with huge properties like Game of Thrones and Minecraft. Now, the company has announced what may be their biggest deal yet, a plan to team up with none other than Marvel Entertainment for a new series that’s set to launch in 2017.

No other details have been provided on what they have planned, and given the release window, it’s safe to assume that development on the project is just getting started. Still, this is an an announcement that is sure to get fans of both companies speculating on what properties may be used for the series. Given the wide range of licenses used both in Marvel’s own comics and the thriving Cinematic Universe, there is plenty of potential regarding where the game may take place and which characters it may focus on.

It’s an extremely exciting announcement, to be sure, and we’ll be keeping you posted as more updates roll in. In the meantime, though, tell us, does the idea of a Marvel-centric game from Telltale excite you? Sound off below!