Telltale Offers Quick Glimpse At New Walking Dead Game


Telltale Games wasn’t content with only revealing the first details on their upcoming Batman game during E3 today,  as the developer also offered the first glimpse and some info on the next major entry in arguably their most iconic franchise, The Walking Dead. While they’re still staying quiet on many aspects, what was revealed teases facts both expected and intriguing for fans of the series.

While Telltale is still considering this latest game to be the third “season” of the series, they will apparently not be going with a subtitle similar to The Walking Dead: Season Two. The reason for this seems to be that, while certain characters and plot elements will carry over from earlier entries, the developers are also making the game with newcomers in mind, likely meaning that the plot and cast will not be heavily reliant on what came before.

Existing fans will still have plenty to get excited about, as previous lead Clementine will again take center stage as a playable protagonist. Much like how Season Two skipped ahead a bit in the timeline to show a more mature Clem than before, this newest entry will jump forward even more, with the character now in her teenage years. Telltale reps have stated that this time period will be close to the one in the ongoing comic series, possibly hinting at more appearances from existing characters like in the recent The Walking Dead: Michonne.

Clementine won’t be alone, though. Much like Tales from the Borderlands, a new character named Javier will be sharing the main role with her, and if the teaser is any indication, they’ll likely be allies in arms during the never ending fight in a Walker-infested world.

The first episode of The Walking Dead will launch sometime this fall. We’ll continue to post more news regarding the franchise as it drops, so be sure to stay tuned!