The Amazing Spider-Man DLC Sticks To PSN Tomorrow

[Update] Activision has announced that The Amazing Spider-Man DLC is also available in North America on XBLA and Steam, in addition to the PSN.  The content will launch on September 26th across Europe.

Original article below.

Four DLC packs for The Amazing Spider-Man videogame will be available for the PlayStation Network tomorrow: the Stan Lee Adventure, the Rhino Challenge, the Lizard Rampage, and Oscorp Search & Destroy packs.

The Stan Lee Adventure Pack will allow players to control the one and only Stan Lee, complete with Spider-Man’s web-slinging powers, as he swings throughout the city searching for pages from his latest script that have gone missing. The creator of Spider-Man himself will offer snarky puns and one-liners in his own voice as he spins webs of any size and catches thieves. There will even be a surprise at the end of the challenge.

The Rhino Challenge Pack will see the players in the role of the Rhino as he tramples throughout the city destroying everything and anything in a time-based challenge. Players will be able to check and compare their times and scores online via a leaderboard.

The Lizard Rampage Pack will feature the player in the role of the Lizard as he attempts to stop Oscorp from releasing a cross-species virus blast. Being much different than Spidey, the Lizard uses his tail and claws to take down foes and to knock over towers. Players will also have access to the Vigilante Spider-Man costume, the suit Peter wore before he put together the current spandex suit.

Finally, the Oscorp Search & Destroy Pack offers two mini games in the classic arcade style. The first mini game lets you control a giant mechanical snake, courtesy of Oscorp, in an attempt to control and destroy Manhattan. The second mini game lets you control a Hunter Robot, courtesy of Gwen Stacy, as you try and defend the citizens of New York from waves and waves of various enemies.

The packs will be available on the PSN tomorrow for around $3-$4 each with the bundle being $10. The Amazing Spider-Man game will also be on sale tomorrow with the packs.

Our spidey sense is telling us that this is a deal you shouldn’t miss.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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