The Legend Of Legacy To Receive A Demo Later This Month


Role-playing fans received some good news today, as Atlus announced that their upcoming 3DS title The Legend of Legacy will have a demo coming out later this month. Players can download the lengthy vertical slice on September 22, three weeks before the full release arrives on store shelves.

3DS owners will be able to play through the prologue and the first two dungeons of The Legend of Legacy. The good news is that once you pick up the full game, they won’t have to replay these sections. That’s thanks to the fact that player’s save files will transfer over to the full game from the demo. That said, you’ll only have the ability to launch the demo 30 times, so you’ll want to complete the first two dungeons in only a few play sessions.

In these 30 sessions, players will be able to meet the three main protagonists of the game. These include Owen, a mercenary who likes to deal damage to enemies, and a beautiful alchemist named Eloise. Finally, players will get to control Filmia, a prince that just happens to be a frog.

Those that want to see more of Filmia will want to purchase a first-run copy of The Legend of Legacy. Dubbed by Atlus as the Launch Edition, initial copies of the game will come with a hardcover artbook, which features 40 pages of drawings and artwork by artist Tomomi Kobayashi. Rounding out the package is a soundtrack that contains 10 songs from the game. All the extras will come at no added cost to gamers, as they’ll be included with the standard $39.99 purchase for as long as they last.

It shows a lot of confidence from Atlus to release such a lengthy demo of an upcoming game. However, they’re obviously betting that players will be hooked after two dungeons, and will want to purchase The Legend of Legacy once it releases in North America on October 13. It’s a risky strategy, but one that might get the title some extra attention in a busy release schedule.