The Legend Of Zelda For Wii U/NX Unveils New Artwork

Nintendo’s E3 showcase isn’t expected to begin until Tuesday, June 14, but in order to whet our collective appetite, new artwork for The Legend of Zelda for Wii U/NX has surfaced online via Amazon.

No further details were disclosed by the retail giant, though the fact that Amazon is beefing up its listing indicates that Nintendo could be on the verge of unveiling an official due date for the long-anticipated title.

If you’re not already up to speed on The Big N’s E3 2016 plans, here’s an overview of what is expected to be rolled out via the company’s Treehouse stream on June 14.

Miitomo will continue its celebration of The Legend of Zelda with a themed Miitomo Drop game that will give players the chance to win The Legend of Zelda-themed in-app gear for their Mii character. Players will also be able to use Miitomo coins in Miitomo to purchase The Legend of Zelda collaboration items. An additional The Legend of Zelda collaboration gift will be available on the My Nintendo website, and players can exchange their My Nintendo Platinum Points for this item.

The Legend of Zelda is expected to hit Wii U and NX as a first-party launch title in early 2017.

Source: Amazon