The Umbrella Corps Delay Has Now Been Officially Confirmed


Capcom’s Upcoming Resident Evil spinoff, Umbrella Corps, has now officially been delayed as its release dates have been confirmed around the world. The shooter was originally expected to arrive some time in May, but it’s now been revealed that the release will be a month later.

The competitive shooter from the makers of the Resident Evil series will be releasing in most territories on June 21st, with its Japanese release date following two days later on June 23rd. It was originally thought that Umbrella Corps would hit the shelves in mid-May, so at least the delay is not too drastic.

The team shooter is a bit of an unusual concept for fans of the series, and news of its development has not always been particularly well received. Umbrella Corps revisits classic Resident Evil – and some new ones – as players compete in three vs. three battles. Bizarrely, each player is equipped with a “zombie jammer” that makes enemies docile, but if their jammer is damaged the undead will swarm towards them.

Umbrella Corps will also feature character customization, meaning you’ll be able to make both practical and cosmetic alterations to your mercenary with different weapons and gear. Check out the trailer above for a look at the options available.

We’ll finally get to test out Capcom’s Resident Evil departure when Umbrella Corps arrives at the end of June. Until then, stay tuned for more news on the game as it comes to us.

Source: Capcom