This Is When The NXE/Xbox One Back Compatibility Update Hits


Microsoft’s promise of a cross-gen Xbox One will finally come true this fall and thanks to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, we now know exactly when it will happen.

As it was announced by Spencer during a livestream of Halo 5: Guardians, the company’s “all-in-one” system will add nearly 100 of the Xbox 360’s games to its library this November 12th, roughly six months from its original reveal at E3. This will be done through the New Xbox Experience (NXE) update, which will also bring a new dashboard and UI to the console.

As it was originally explained at Xbox’s E3 press conference, the console’s back-compatibility comes via said online update, which will allow gamers to play any of their old 360 games currently modified for the update, digital or physical. More games are expected to be made cross-gen throughout the Xbox One’s lifecycle, but in the meantime, you can check out the current list of Microsoft’s first batch of cross-gen games.

The news follows a number of big additions for the Xbox brand’s holiday hardware, including universal button re-mapping for all Xbox One controllers and their cable-free compatibility with PC.

Only time will tell whether these new changes will aid the Xbox One’s uphill battle at the register against Sony’s Playstation 4, but at least Xbox One owners can whittle away at their 360 backlog in the meantime.