Tomb Raider Achievement List Revealed


The full list of achievements for Tomb Raider has been unearthed, revealing that Crystal Dynamics is going to require achievement/trophy hunters to spend a considerable amount of time in the game’s multiplayer mode before they will be able to snag all 1,000 points/Platinum trophy.

In total there are a full 50 achievements/trophies in Tomb Raider, with a whopping 15 dedicated to the multiplayer mode. Many of these require simple actions to unlock (reviving a teammate, killing two enemies with one explosive, buying a new character, etc.), however, there are two that seemed designed for the sole purpose of making completionists throw their hands up in disgust.

The first is a 20 point achievement titled “Shopaholic” that requires players to purchase “all upgrades and characters in multiplayer”. It is unclear exactly how many upgrades and characters can be unlocked in Tomb Raider‘s multiplayer, however, it is unlikely that this will be anything that you can knock out in a couple of hours.

The second (and far more aggravating) is the 30 point achievement called “True Commitment”. This little gem requires that players reach level 60 in the game’s multiplayer. Again we don’t know exactly how fast it will take to level up in the multiplayer modes, but this one is sure to be a problem for achievement/trophy collectors who were hoping to skip over Tomb Raider‘s tacked-on multiplayer mode.

Aide from the multiplayer achievements, the rest of the list does contain some potential good news for fans who are worried that Tomb Raider will be all action with little exploration. There are several achievements attributed to finding various collectibles (documents, relics, and GPS caches), and others associated with completing “optional tombs” and “challenges”.

Also it is worth noting that none of the achievements require to you “protect” Lara, so that’s a good thing.

Tomb Raider is currently set to launch on March 5, 2013 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Check out the full list of achievements for the game on the next page, and let us know your thoughts on the game’s multiplayer in the comments.

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