Top Apex Legends Streamer Keeps Playing Through An Earthquake

Apex Legends

Consistency is an integral part of becoming a successful video game streamer. Show up at the same time every day and a loyal group of viewers will surely follow. Rigidly sticking to such a timetable isn’t always possible for several reasons, of course, one of which being the forces of nature. Unpredictable as ever, several regions of North America were subject to Mother Nature’s ire over the weekend, with the state of Southern California, in particular, recording a series of serious earthquakes.

In light of the obvious dangers that follow such events, you’d assume anyone in the vicinity gearing up for their latest session of Apex Legends would promptly decide against dropping into Kings Canyon, right? In streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek’s case, that’s a defiant no. Resolved to continue his weekend stream, the popular battle royale player and his teammates began feeling the earthquake’s effects just as they were about to drop into a match.

Check out the Twitch clip below to see how events unfolded:

Clearly somewhat nervous, Shroud – rhetorically or otherwise, who knows – ponders out loud several times as to what he should do, prompting several humorous responses from his chat feed. Directions to hide under the table to tongue-in-cheek messages of ‘RIP Shroud’ flood the chat, his face-cam all the while clearly depicting a handful of serious tremors. Fortunately, it looks as if none of the streamer’s equipment was damaged in the process.

With the worst of it over, Shroud returned his focus to Apex Legends and began his descent into the next match. Bonkers.

Fortunately, in this case, nobody came to harm, though we wouldn’t recommend you prioritize video games over personal safety in such circumstances. Then again, perhaps Apex Legends Season 2 is just that good?

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