Twisted Metal Reportedly Set For Revival On PS5 With Lucid Games At The Helm

Longtime PlayStation gamers will remember the chaos and destruction that comes with one of the platform’s most iconic vehicular combat titles Twisted Metal and there seems to be good news for fans of the franchise.

According to reports, Twisted Metal has been handed over from PlayStation to Destruction All-Stars developer Lucid Games to start production on a new entry into the franchise for the PS5.

The report also states that the new Twisted Metal title would be built around a free-to-play model allowing players to get in on the action for free with in-game transactions available. Right now there is no set release date, however, it’s believed that the game will release alongside a Twisted Metal tv series that is set for a 2023 release.

To date, Twisted Metal has been a property exclusive to PlayStation with the lone exception being PC. The first title in the franchise launched back in 1995 for the PlayStation since then there has been quite a few new auditions for each of the PlayStation consoles until the PS3.

The PS4 received no Twisted Metal title, but fans can breathe easy knowing that the PS5 will bring it back to the spotlight, and with Lucid Games at the helm it has all the tools for success.

Releasing late last year, Lucid Games launched their arena-style vehicular combat game for the PS5 Destruction All-Stars which received harsh critic reviews but was praised by players for its ability to take advantage of all the new aspects present in the PS5, especially the DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

With Sony putting their trust behind the studio’s ability to craft vehicular combat games it looks likely we’ll be getting a new Twisted Metal, this time for fans to play for free.