Ubisoft Have Fixed A Few Of The Division’s Incursion Glitches

The Division Incursions

The exploitable glitches that were (barely) hidden within the first set of new content for Tom Clancy’s The Division have been well documented so far, but some are now off the table. The Falcon Lost Incursion was plagued by a number of bugs that allowed players to pass the end-game mission with ease, but Ubisoft have been working hard to shut this down.

Specifically, players will no longer be able to shoot into the Incursion while being positioned outside of it; some had managed to enter untextured scenery behind the boss room which would allow bullets in but stop anything heading back out. A second bug that allowed players to move through the ceiling by using a ladder while employing the jumping jack emote has also been killed and is no longer a workable option.

Not all of the issues have been resolved, however, and Ubisoft still have their work cut out if they hope to make The Division‘s new content untouchable. For instance, it’s still possible to use the portable shield to vault through solid walls, making Falcon Lost easy to exploit.

Of coursem you could always just play Tom Clancy’s The Division in the way that the developers intended and ignore these profitable glitches, but good luck convincing your teammates of that, Agent!

Source: PC Gamer