Ubisoft Leak Suggests Watch Dogs 2 Announcement Is Imminent

watch dogs

At this point, Ubisoft and untimely leaks are almost synonymous. Given the size and scope of the global publisher, it’s hardly surprising that announcement slip through the cracks from time to time, whether it’s early details of the new Assassin’s Creed or a new IP such as The Division. The latest to elude the company’s watchful eye is news of Watch Dogs 2, after a senior gameplay programmer listed the as-yet-unconfirmed sequel over on their LinkedIn profile.

Videogamer managed to screenshot the online CV prior to the inevitable correction. That employee in question is  Julien Risse, who has worked on the original Watch Dogs, its post-launch DLC Bad Blood and now seemingly the direct follow-up.


Despite persevering through controversy relating to graphical downgrades and divisive reviews, Watch Dogs proved to be a sales juggernaut for the company, particularly for a new IP. With sales now north of 10 million, news of a sequel should come as no surprise, really, the big question now is whether or not Ubisoft Montreal’s cybernetic follow-up will pick up the story threads of one Aiden Pearce.

Shortly after it released around a year ago, Creative Director Jonathan Morin spoke about the possible avenues that the studio could explore in a sequel. Regardless of which story the dev will eventually pursue, Morin is aiming to ensure that Watch Dogs 2 offers something truly unique for the player, all the while iterating on the hacking gameplay that was arguably undercooked in the original release. All we can hope for is a more engaging lead character, as opposed to the gravel-voiced, morally confused Aiden Pearce.

What do you think, though, will Ubisoft lift the curtain on Watch Dogs 2? Or is it still too soon before we revisit the criminal underground of Pearce and Co.? Let us know down below.

Source: Videogamer