Ubisoft Revealing The Division’s Incursions In Livestream Tomorrow


Ubisoft will be revealing information about some of the additional content heading to Tom Clancy’s The Division in a live Twitch broadcast tomorrow. The broadcast was confirmed in a Tweet from the game’s official account earlier today, explaining that details about the upcoming ‘Incursions’ would feature.

Incursions are currently known to be a “new challenging end-game activity developed specifically for squad play” for The Division, and it’s been stated previously that this is the first of many updates to appeal to high-level players who have already beaten the game’s main campaign.

It’s been suggested that this first batch of new content will be arriving in an update some time in April, but until now there has been no definite release schedule. With this new livestream for The Division set to broadcast tomorrow though, there’s a chance we may well get to hear the confirmed release date and hopefully see some footage of the mode in action.

You can tune in to the broadcast through Twitch at 11am PT, and we’ll bring you more on Incursions in The Division as it comes to us.