Upcoming Pokémon Go Event Adds Another Exclusive Pikachu To Your Collection


How many different behatted versions of Pikachu have come and gone since the launch of Pokémon Go? Honestly, we’ve lost count at this point but clearly, there aren’t enough.

Next week, Niantic will be introducing yet another special version of the franchise’s mascot in the form of Straw Hat Pikachu. An odd choice of headwear at first glance, no doubt, but there’s a method to the madness. This particular occasion comes as a result of a collaboration between the mobile app’s developer and famed Japanese manga One Piece.

The red-banded straw hat mimics that worn by the latter’s primary protagonist Luffy and, as is always the case, makes the red-cheeked ‘Mon look objectively more adorable. As to how Trainers can expect to go about getting their mitts on this latest promotion, it’s a straightforward affair this time around. Simply go about your usual in-game business between July 22nd-29th to be in with a chance of spotting the critter out in the wild.

Staw Hat Pikachu’s upcoming arrival follows not long after a similar event earlier this year commemorating the release of Detective Pikachu. Though no longer obtainable, players who snapped pictures of their collection would find themselves being photobombed by the deerstalker-wearing sleuth.

You’ve still got a few days before this latest celebration kicks off but there’s plenty to be getting on with in the meantime. Besides the recent addition of Armored Mewtwo to high-end raid battles, Pokémon Go‘s latest Community Day is scheduled to go live on July 21st. Generation 3 starter Mudkip will be your host this time around, with rewards including an exclusive new ability and heaps of bonus experience.

And lest we forget, Trainers will soon find themselves confronting Team Rocket and their entourage of Shadow Pokémon in-game. See here for all the details on what to expect.