Vita And PS3 Dungeon Crawler Ruin Is Now Known As Warrior’s Lair

When the PlayStation Vita was announced, one of its showcased titles was Ruin. Destined to release on both the PlayStation 3 and its high-tech friend, the dungeon crawler was used to demo the two systems’ transfar option.

For the uninitiated, that’s Sony‘s tech speak for allowing gamers to use the same save on console and handheld. It’s pretty neat stuff, which gamers will surely get a lot of use out of. After all, who doesn’t want to take the odd game on the go, after spending hours with it on a home console?

Today, it was revealed that Ruin is no longer referred to under that name. Instead, the hack n’ slash title has been re-named Warrior’s Lair. Why? I’m not sure. Although that title basically spells out the game’s content, it’s about as standard as they come. Then again, it’s what’s playable that counts.

As of right now, a release date has not been revealed for Warrior’s Lair. However, we will let you know as soon as we hear anything. It looks to be a quality game.

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