Watch: The Addams Family: Mansion Mayhem Trailer Teases The New Game

The addams family

The Addams Family is making a return to video games later this year. The household, renowned for its love of all things macabre and oblivious to its various members’ unconventional appearances, is being adapted by Outright Games for an upcoming 3D platformer. Mansion Mayhem is scheduled for release this fall for consoles and PC and will give fans the opportunity to fill the shoes of Wednesday, Pugsley, Gomez and Morticia in four player co-op.

By utilizing each character’s unique abilities (Gomez’s Mazurka Saber and Wednesday’s pet octopus Socrates are two examples given by the studio) you’ll solve “magical mysteries” and discover secrets buried in the mansion’s darkest depths kept safe by devilish puzzles. There is, of course, the option of enjoying the entire adventure solo, though the developer doesn’t make clear how controlling all four family members will work when not playing online.


For those who find the art style familiar, it’s not just you. Outright says its original story is based on the existing animated movie franchise and aims to have Mansion Mayhem available in time for Halloween. Today’s trailer notes September 24th as the release window for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, though as always, delays can happen, so don’t be surprised if that date slips by a few weeks.

In related news, an Addams Family spinoff from Tim Burton focused on the character Wednesday is currently in the works for Netflix. While no casting choices have been confirmed, Christina Ricci is rumored to be in the running to play Wednesday’s mother Morticia in the live-action series. See here for everything we know about the project so far.