Watch Dogs Demoed On PS4; Will Receive Exclusive Sony Content

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If you need any more proof that Watch Dogs is something different, and something worth keeping your eye on, look no further than the game’s latest gameplay walkthrough, which was featured during this evening’s Sony press conference. Its appearance, and lengthy run-time, was definitely one of the few highlights of the presser.

The section of gameplay that we saw was set up with a bit of context, wherein protagonist Aiden Pearce and an ally performed a break and enter and caused an alarm to sound while doing so. As a result, the cops were on the duo’s tail, and it was up to the player to make sure that both men escaped without harm.

In order to accomplish his unexpected mission, Mr. Pearce not only evaded the police through standard measures, but also utilized technology to reduce his risk of being caught. He was seen hacking into cameras, turning vehicles on from afar and sounding alarms to clear the way for his pal to escape, in addition to hiding in plain sight by parking and turning his vehicle off to remain inconspicuous. The latter action is basic, of course, but it’s a neat touch that not enough games use.

On the other hand, the all-important flash came from the tech side of things, especially since Aiden can seemingly control any electronic device through a camera. That neat trick was shown when he was seen watching over his friend (who remained inside) and aided him by creating diversions. Neat stuff, indeed.

As expected, melee takedowns and stealth actions were also shown, along with some good-looking gunplay. Those should come in handy whenever hacking is not an option.

Following the presentation, it was revealed that Watch Dogs will, in fact, receive bonus content on PS3 and PS4. Adding an additional hour of gameplay, as well as an exclusive costume, the bonus will contain four missions that task players with getting revenge against a Chicago tech mogul.