Friday The 13th: The Game Adds New Weapon Swapping Feature


It’s a helluva time being a fan of Friday The 13th: The Game, as every week feels like some kind of dark and twisted Christmas day, replete with blood-soaked gifts waiting to be unwrapped.

The latest grisly giveaway is a new gameplay feature that’s set to be arriving shortly to the asymmetrical 7v1 horror experience. Gun Media has announced that weapon swapping will soon become a customization option that’ll give Jason players some welcome flexibility when it comes to their weapons of choice.

The official press release reads as so.

“Have a favorite Jason, but wish you could change his weapon? Would you love to see Part 3 Jason perform a Part 6 kill? You’re in luck (victims, not so much). Coming soon, Jason players will be able to choose their weapon from the player customization screen.”

Though the title launched with a few rough technical aspects, it’s been a wonderful comeback story for Friday The 13th: The Game, as with all this cool new content being added, it consistently feels like the gruesome gift that keeps on giving. Not only has Gun Media tweaked the legendary Jason Voorhees and made him more deadly, but the publisher has also given away a new map and killer, promised an engine upgrade and dedicated servers, and even begun adding in single-player story-based missions.

One thing’s for sure, if you slept on Friday The 13th: The Game at launch, it may be time to dust off that ol’ machete and don that iconic hockey mask. It really is a night and day difference between what was released last year and its current iteration.

Only problem is, I just feel sorry for those poor defenceless counselors…