You Decide Who Deserves The 100 In Madden 12

EA Sports is teaming up with ESPN once again for their iconic and much anticipated sports title Madden 12. This time they’ll allow fans to vote on which players will receive the highly coveted “100” rating.  The latest installment of Madden will be released on August 30th, but from August 22-26 fans can vote on five player skill categories and decide who will be granted access to Club 100.

Just as fans voted through ESPN’s Sports Nation for who they wanted as Cover Boy, fans will vote on the following categories and players for Club 100. Check out the dates below.

Date Category Athletes
Mon, Aug 22 Throw Accuracy Tom Brady

Drew Brees

Peyton Manning

Philip Rivers

Aaron Rodgers

Tue, Aug 23 Elusiveness Jamaal Charles

LeSean McCoy

Adrian Peterson

Ray Rice

Danny Woodhead

Wed, Aug 24 Hit Power James Harrison

Ray Lewis

Clay Matthews

Rey Maualuga

Patrick Willis

Thu, Aug 25 Spectacular Catch Dez Bryant

Braylon Edwards

Larry Fitzgerald

Calvin Johnson

Brandon Lloyd

Fri, Aug 26 Speed Jamaal Charles

Jacoby Ford

Devin Hester

DeSean Jackson

Chris Johnson