WWE 2K15 Likely Won’t Launch This Year


Gamers and wrestling aficionados everywhere rejoiced upon the news of 2K Games acquiring the rights – in an auction from the now defunct THQ – to produce the yearly annual WWE games. Earlier this week though, it was reported that WWE 2K15 would be missing its standard release date of Q4 and would instead be launching sometime around Q1. A wise guess as to when exactly it will arive would be sometime around March to coincide with the annual WrestleMania spectacle buildup – which was definitely a bummer, but there is a good reason

Last month, WWE superstar Justin Gabriel revealed over Instagram that his entire face and body had just been scanned for the upcoming video game. The developers themselves also may have been trying to keep it a secret, as Gabriel’s Instagram post was swiftly deleted.

The ultimate take away here, however, is that the cat is out of the bag; 2K is providing some highly valuable resources and is taking their time to create a next generation template for modern wrestling games. They won’t be churning out just another rehash. No longer will the character models look absolutely nothing like their real-life counterparts. Instead, we should be getting something along the lines of NBA 2k14, which looks phenomenal.

Furthermore, the franchise finally getting a severe overhaul and upgrade to its graphical capabilities could just be the shot in the arm that it needs to reinvent itself. Let’s hope next in line are major gameplay tunes that allow matches to actually flow like… you know, actual televised wrestling matches.

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Source: GameInformer