10 Awesome Easter Eggs You May Have Missed In Deadpool 2


Spoiler Alert: Logan Dies

Deadpool Wolverine

Deadpool 2 begins with a reminder of what happened in the last movie released in the X-Men universe – so if you’re not up to date then you’re going to get a massive spoiler as soon as you sit down for this one.

The film begins with a music box featuring a mini Logan spinning around on top, as he’s pinned to a rock by a metal bar going through his chest. This, of course, recreates the death of Hugh Jackman’s long-running icon, as seen in last year’s Logan. In case you didn’t get it, Deadpool’s voiceover then reminds us that Logan died in his last movie, which means that he has to find a way to up the ante in this film.

Wolvie appears later on in the pic, too, in the unlikely form of a box of cereal. A kid at the mutant orphanage is eating some Hero Cereal which sports Logan’s visage on the front. Although, Deadpool just can’t resist covering it with his signature – signing it “Ryan Reynolds.”

The Essex Home For Mutant Rehabilitation


Remember when the end of X-Men: Apocalypse teased the incoming arrival of ubervillain Mr. Sinister? The post-credits scene featured a vial of Wolverine’s blood being retrieved from Alkali Lake by a mysterious representative of EssexCorp. We assumed this tease would be followed up in Logan, but Sinister never showed himself.

The mystery is further fueled in Deadpool 2, as Russell Collins AKA Firefist was raised in the Essex Home for Mutant Rehabilitation, a cruel orphanage in which the mutant children are abused and tortured because of their abilities. Yup, sounds like something evil old Nathaniel Essex would endorse.

This in an unusual easter egg for the Deadpool movies as it furthers the ongoing bigger picture of the X-Men universe. It’d been theorized beforehand that Sinister might make actually his proper debut in this film, and though that didn’t turn out to be the case, this is still a fun reminder that he’s out there somewhere. Even if the villain won’t show up in The New Mutants, either.

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