10 Scenes We’d Love To See In The Justice League Director’s Cut


Flash Saves Iris

Barry Allen’s powers were teased a lot in Justice League‘s marketing, and one of the more intriguing moments we couldn’t wait to see was the scene where he breaks through a window in slow-motion, with the shattered glass appearing like water making for a great visual. Unfortunately, this was left on the cutting room floor.

However, a silent copy of the scene has since leaked online, revealing that Flash was breaking through the window to save a woman from a car crash. In fact, this was set to be Kiersey Clemons’ debut as Iris West, meaning it was a hugely important moment for Barry, as it saw him meet his future wife.

From what we’ve gathered, it’s likely that this scene was removed due to Clemons’ future as Iris in the DCEU being called into question. She was hired by Rick Famuyiwa, after all, who has since dropped out of Flashpoint. Word has it that WB were initially going to digitally replace Clemons with a random bystander, but these plans have been scrapped due to the leak of the original scene.

Cyborg’s Origins

Considering the lean runtime, Justice League does the best it can with showcasing each of the League in an equal fashion. However, arguably the one who’s short changed the most is Cyborg. Ray Fisher’s techno-whizz doesn’t get to show as much personality as the rest of the gang and he mostly fills the role of a plot device, thanks to his powers being tied in with the Mother Boxes.

In the original cut, though, there was a lot more for Victor Stone to do. One important scene formed a flashback to his fateful car crash, and it turns out that he was arguing with his father when he lost control of the vehicle. This would have been a nice detail to include, as it further explains why Silas Stone was so willing to do anything it took to bring his son back to life.

Some more deleted snippets that have leaked online also show that we would have seen more exploration of Cyborg’s abilities to rifle through his own memories, which is only hinted at in the finished film. In one clip, he projects a hologram of a location and an avatar of himself appears inside – like a 3D version of Google Maps.

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