The 10 Best Moments From Deadpool


Deadpool‘s journey to the big screen has been fascinating to watch, and while the leaked screenplay didn’t get it the green light, the overwhelmingly positive response to the leaked footage which followed most certainly did. However, it was always hard to believe that the movie was really happening, and Fox’s track record made it even harder to be sure that it would actually be any good.

Now though, thanks to extremely positive reviews and a massive box office haul, we have a whole new superhero franchise to root for, albeit one which is unlike any other. What went into making Deadpool so great, though? Why are fans across the world falling in love with the Merc with a Mouth?


Well, for one, it’s a movie crammed full of awesome moments and Easter Eggs, and here you will find a collection of the funniest, most inventive, and standout fan-pleasing moments from the film, all of which have gone a long way in making this Marvel movie such a massive hit.

It goes without saying that there are obviously MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Deadpool, but if you’ve already seen it, then feel free to read on.

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