10 Reasons Why Marvel’s Netflix Shows Are Actually Better Than Their Movies


With a release date for The Punisher finally confirmed (it drops next month), it’s clear that the slew of Netflix superhero series are keen to maintain the momentum that’s been building since April 2015. Ever since Daredevil launched Marvel’s run of small screen adventures via the streaming service, we’ve never had to wait too long to revisit the New York stories. The Defenders closed several long-running chapters when it debuted in August and now, the aforementioned spinoff will pick things up in November.

But, while the frequent new additions have been great for fans, the regularity has caused some critical fatigue of late. More recent series under the Marvel/Netflix umbrella have suffered under the weight of continued expectation. As a result, reviews have been a good ways off the mass acclaim that the first few achieved. While this had some impact on viewing figures for the later entries, reports still suggest that fans are enjoying binging on the shows upon each release.

While the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe obviously have a massive upper hand over the TV series when it comes to budget and production values, that doesn’t always guarantee a stronger product. In fact, the Netflix shows remain the better of the two in spite of this disparity.

Not sure you agree? Well, ahead of the arrival of The Punisher next month, here are 10 ways that Marvel’s Netflix productions are still better than the movies in the MCU. Some spoilers will obviously follow, so tread carefully if you’re not up to date…