Every Pixar Movie, Ranked Worst To Best

Pixar Rankings

With the release of Inside Out over the weekend, and the collective agreement that Pixar “is back,” it’s easy to begin wondering where the studio’s newest animated flick sits amongst the rest of its pantheon of classics. And so, We Got This Covered tasked me with updating its ranking of the now-15-film-strong studio to see where the movies of the legendary Disney-owned animation warehouse sit next to one another.

But first, a note: as it is with any “definitive” or such ranking list – and especially with the childhood treasures these movies are – this list is entirely subjective. It’s also of note that, barring a few at the bottom of the barrel, the top-tier Pixar movies are so resoundingly exceptional, ranking one atop the other begins to feel humorously trivial. But, if you’re like me and have had family holidays superseded with arguments over the veracity of Cars‘ vehicular macrocosm or which Toy Story movie is actually the best, then you know that the discussions that erupt from the rankings are the funnest part.

With that in mind, let’s start with the bottom…