Every 2017 Superhero Movie Ranked From Worst To Best


Power Rangers

First off, we have to make clear that, despite falling at the bottom of our ranking, Saban and Lionsgate’s Power Rangers is by no means a bad film. Unfortunately for it, it’s just been a hugely competitive year for superhero movies and one of them had to come last.

A big screen reboot of the colourful 90s classic kids’ TV show, Power Rangers made the brave decision to tone down the loveable cheesiness and hokeyness of the original and root the film in the character’s dynamics and their mundane lives – Jason, Kimberly, Billy and the rest of the teenagers with attitude didn’t even do any mighty morphin’ until the final half hour of the film. Most fans would agree, though, that it was the right decision.

Unfortunately, while the characters and the main cast were great, Power Rangers was tonally confused in other ways, with Elizabeth Banks’ OTT Rita Repulsa seemingly not on the same page as everyone else. Also, it’s impossible not to cringe at the shameless Krispy Kreme product placement.

In any case, its flaws could easily be fixed in a sequel, though the future of the franchise is currently in limbo. According to star Dacre Montgomery, however, there’s still hope.

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