The First 4 Final Destination Movies Are Now On Netflix


A lot of horror fans were seriously bummed when the Final Destination titles left Netflix in the summer. The good news, though, is that it now appears that the absence was short-lived, as the first four entries in the franchise are currently once again available to stream on the service. That’s right, every single movie in the series aside from Final Destination 5 can now be watched by anyone with a Netflix account. It’s currently unknown why the last film isn’t featured along with its predecessors, but hopefully it’ll find its way onto the platform soon enough.

For those unfamiliar, Final Destination is one of the defining horror franchises of the 21st century. The series is comprised of five films, two comic books and nine novels. While the plots, characters and gruesome deaths all vary from movie to movie, the basic premise remains the same: a small group of people miraculously escape death when the protagonist has an unexpected vision and urges them against doing what ever it is they’re about to do next. Those who heed the advice and avoid the mass-casualty are then killed off one by one in increasingly bizarre, complex accidents.

Unlike most other horror flicks, the primary antagonist of these movies isn’t a person or creature. Instead, it’s quite literally “death,” who’s able to creatively pick off the survivors one-by-one. While these films aren’t Academy Award-worthy by any stretch of the imagination, they’re still super fun and pretty creepy. They become even more unnerving, too, given the recent car accident that closely resembled the one in Final Destination 2.

Hopefully, their availability will increase the excitement for the upcoming reboot. Speaking of which, not much is known about the project just yet, but as soon as we learn more about the future of Final Destination, we’ll be sure to let you know.