5-Film Underworld Collection Coming To Blu-Ray and 4K In October


Vampires are still all the rage these days, as one quick glance at Netflix’s Top 10 most-watched list will attest with the entirety of The Twilight Saga and new arrival Blood Red Sky dominating 60% of the chart. However, if you feel as though those movies don’t have anywhere near enough leather, then the good news is that the entire Underworld franchise is coming to Blu-Ray and 4K on October 5th as part of a bumper box set packed with special features.

It’s hard to rag on a completely original series that wasn’t based on a pre-existing property and managed to stretch itself out for thirteen years, five features and an animated collection of short films, especially one that combined to bring in well over half a billion dollars at the box office and give Kate Beckinsdale an ass-kicking role worthy of her talents, but it would be fair to say that reception to the brand as a whole was rather mixed.

They weren’t blockbusters by any means, with Awakening the biggest earner of the lot after bringing in $160 million globally, and the budgets never stretched beyond $70 million, but they were popular enough B-tier genre mashups that told a sprawling saga of the eternal war between vampires and werewolves.

The set comes packed to bursting point with new and old content alike including behind the scenes featurettes, extended cuts, deleted footage, music videos and much more, which you can check out below.

    • 4K ULTRA HD
      • Theatrical & Extended Versions of the Film (both 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos)
      • Alternate Flashbacks (4K HDR)
      • Theatrical Trailer
    • BLU-RAY
      • Extended Version of the Film
      • Director & Cast Commentary
      • Fang vs. Fiction Documentary
      • 7 Featurettes
      • Outtakes
      • Storyboard Comparisons
      • Music Video: “Worms of the Earth” by Finch
    • 4K ULTRA HD
      • Theatrical Trailer
    • BLU-RAY
      • Director & Filmmakers’ Commentary
      • The Hybrid Theory
      • The War Rages On
      • Bloodlines: From Script to Screen
      • Making Monsters Roar
      • Building a Saga
      • Music and Mayhem
      • Music Video: “Her Portrait in Black” by Atreyu
    • 4K ULTRA HD
      • Rise of the Lycans: Inside the Castle Walls
      • Theatrical Trailers
    • BLU-RAY
      • Behind the Castle Walls: Picture-in-Picture Experience
      • Filmmaker Commentary
      • 3 Featurettes
      • Music Video: “Deathclub (Wes Borland / Renholder Remix)” by William Control feat. Matt Skiba
      • And More
    • 4K ULTRA HD
      • Underworld: Endless War 3-Part Animated Series (with stereo DTS-HD MA English audio)
      • Theatrical Trailers
    • BLU-RAY
      • Cracking the Underworld: Picture-in-Picture Experience
      • Filmmakers’ Commentary
      • 5 Featurettes
      • Blooper Reel
      • And More
    • 4K ULTRA HD
      • Franchise Recap
      • Theatrical Trailers
    • BLU-RAY
      • Underworld: Blood Wars – The Official Movie Graphic Novel
      • The Evolution of Selene
      • Building a Blood War
      • Old & New Blood
      • The Evil Evolved

Beckinsdale recently revealed she was lobbying for a crossover with Wesley Snipes’ Blade, but after the planned Underworld TV series stalled in development and the leading lady said she didn’t think a sixth entry would happen, we might have reached the end of the line.