The 5 Most Overrated Movies Of 2014 So Far…

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The word “overrated” is a tricky descriptor because people immediately assume you’re calling something “bad” – which is false. You can like a movie you feel might be overrated, you just might not like it as much as the hordes of other fans calling it the next best thing since sliced bread. Sometimes you walk out of a movie viewing thinking, “Alright, that was an adequate watch,” and all of a sudden it’s being called the next cinematic masterpiece of the century. Confusing, right? It’s hard to wrap your mind around such praise sometimes, but an opinion is an opinion, and sometimes you’re not going to side with the unflinching majority. Such is life.

This year has been pretty strong for film in general, which we’ve already covered by compiling a list of the “Top 5 Films Of 2014 So Far” for each critic, but myself and fellow scribbler Isaac Feldberg are still confused by the overwhelming success of a few releases. In no way is anyone claiming these are the worst movies of 2014 so far, quite the opposite in some cases, but how a few of these titles have gone on to achieve the financial and critical success garnered thus far has the two of us dumbfounded. In an attempt to try and rationalize our feelings, we decided to single out five prime examples of the year’s most “overrated movies,” which I’m sure not many of you will agree with. We know. We saw the reception. It’s pretty obvious we’re the minority here.

With all that said, read on to hear why we think these are the five most overrated movies of 2014 so far, and then feel free to tell us how wrong we are. It’s OK, we can take it – the internet helps you develop a pretty thick skin real fast.