5 More Superhero Duels That Fans Would Love To See After Batman V Superman



Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is not due to be released until March 25th, 2016, but the hype is already well underway. Last month, Comic-Con gave us our first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and thanks to one particularly sneaky fan, the internet finally received a glimpse of the actual teaser trailer. Sure, the low quality footage was taken down faster than a speeding bullet, but that didn’t stop fans worldwide from having a giant geekgasm in anticipation.

Comics have always pitted their heroes against one another in a bid to ignite interest, but the idea of using a superhero slugfest as a central plot device is unprecedented in comic book movies. If Zack Snyder can pull this off, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice could surpass even The Avengers in box-office terms, becoming the biggest superhero movie of the decade. Of course, it’s impossible to know yet whether this will be the case, but it’s hard to imagine even casual cinema-goers ignoring a face-off between the two most iconic superheroes on the planet.

We have to wait almost two years to finally see if Snyder has managed to live up to everyone’s’ expectations, but that doesn’t stop us from looking past the film’s eventual release. Hollywood has never been shy about jumping on the bandwagon, so if DC are successful with this venture, it’s likely that more superhero duels will follow. Whether you believe this could be the best thing that’s ever happened to comic book movies or not is up for debate, but it seems that this is likely to happen.

Join us then as we take a look at five more superhero duels that could fulfil the dreams of fanboys everywhere and still make big bucks at the cinema. For the sake of plausibility, no inter-studio pairings have been included, so while that means there is no Hulk V Wolverine or Batman V Captain America, there is always the possibility that one or more of these five suggestions could actually see the light of day.

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