6 Reasons Why Deadpool Doesn’t Top Marvel’s Best


There’s a lot to love about Deadpool. As original and anarchic as an R-rated comic book movie about a fourth wall-breaking superhero can be, the film is in many ways the antithesis of the standard superhero flick.

Director Tim Miller and producer-star Ryan Reynolds’ film tops the MCU in several ways. Its very originality and off-the-wall dedication to breaking convention lends it an invigorating energy that arguably no other modern superhero film can match. It is the comic book movie for adults who never really grew up, but that still want their fill of sex, gore and profanity.

That doesn’t mean Deadpool is perfect, though. The film, like any comic book feature, has flaws. Cut as it is from Marvel cloth, it’s easy to make qualitative comparisons between Miller’s Deadpool movie and what the cinematic arm of Marvel has been doing these past few years. And though Deadpool beats Marvel in a lot of ways, here are six ways that the studio’s MCU films still come out on top.