8 Actors Who Were Sadly Wasted In X-Men Movies


With superhero films having grown into the most profitable movie genre over the past couple of decades, more and more great actors are lining up to play roles alongside spandex-covered heroes.

The X-Men franchise has always managed to nab high quality performers, from proper thespians like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in the original trilogy to younger, upcoming talent like Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy in the prequel films.

However, while those actors have all been served pretty well by the series, other stars have been stuck in terribly underwritten roles. In some cases they’ve just been cast in the wrong parts (Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut?!), but, more often than not, the casting is perfect. It’s just the execution of the character that’s at fault.

Just as there are a bunch of actors who’ve been given the short straw in Marvel movies, here are 8 talents who were sadly wasted in the X-Men series.