8 Epic Moments From The New Justice League Trailer And What They Mean


The final Justice League trailer had a lot riding on it. As the first preview that could include material from the extensive reshoots undertaken by Zack Snyder’s replacement Joss Whedon over the summer, it was set to offer our clearest look yet at what the film would be like when it arrives in cinemas next month. Now, it’s finally here and is sending DC fans everywhere into meltdown, and understandably so.

That being said, some people are still saying that they preferred the bombast of the previous trailer to this one, which emphasizes its characters over action for at least half of its length. But who says that’s a bad thing? In order to avoid the typical spoiler-heavy final previews for superhero films that have sadly become the norm lately, DC have decided not to blow all their secrets this time and are continuing to tease rather than reveal.

In any case, it’s not like this trailer has nothing new in it. Far from it, as there are some excellent fresh scenes ranging from moving character moments to thrilling team-up action. There are jokes, battles and, yes, even Superman’s (kind of) return. Join us as we pick out the trailer’s best bits, analyzing them for deeper meaning along the way.