8 Ways That Deadpool 2 Sets Up Future X-Men Movies


Deadpool Sr. And Jr.

In Deadpool 2‘s first act, Wade and Vanessa decide they’re ready to have a kid together. However, their plans for the future are tragically cut short when Vanessa’s murdered by enemies of DP’s who shoot up their apartment. The first post-credits scene, however, reveals that Wade was able to go back in time and save his “future baby momma,” meaning that the couple can go on to have a kid, after all.

Screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have confirmed that an early idea for Deadpool 2 was to have Wade come to grips with fatherhood. Clearly, they’re toying with this idea, then, and now it’s perfectly set up for it to happen in Deadpool 3. Could we hear the pattering of tiny mutant feet in the future of the franchise?

There’s comic book precedent for this, of course, as Wade had a daughter, Ellie Camacho, with an old flame of his, Carmelita. Deadpool 2099 is also Warda Wilson, a different daughter of Wade’s whose mother is Shiklah, the queen of the underworld.

Furthermore, while discussing having a kid, Wade opens up about his unhappy childhood thanks to his horrible father. The history of Mr. Wilson has changed a lot over the years in the comics, so there’s much to mine if they decide to explore more about Wade’s parentage in future movies.

Mr. Sinister Is (Still) Out There

Remember the post-credits scene of X-Men: Apocalypse? It featured a mysterious suited man retrieving a vial of Wolverine’s blood from Alkali Lake, and filing it away with other vials he had in his briefcase. The final shot revealed he worked for EssexCorp. This could only mean one thing: Nathaniel Essex AKA Mr. Sinister was coming.

Except, it turned out he wasn’t arriving anytime soon. We’d expected him to show up in Logan, though it could be theorized that Sinister’s behind Alkali-Transigen’s efforts to wipe out mutantkind in that film. Before Deadpool 2 came out, it was also rumored that the supervillain would show up there instead. Obviously, though, that didn’t turn out to be the case.

That said, the film does name-check Mr. S. The abusive orphanage Russell lives at is The Essex Home for Mutant Rehabilitation, where the kids are abused and tortured for being mutants. That sounds like just the sort of evil place that Mr. Sinister would endorse, doesn’t it?

At this point, then, it seems that Sinister’s becoming the X-Men universe’s version of Marvel’s Thanos, with hints foreshadowing his later arrival. But when will he show his face? That’s actually unclear, as we know that Jon Hamm was set to play him in The New Mutants in a post-credits scene. That’s been cut, however, with Antonio Banderas brought in as another villain instead.

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