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A frenzied post-apocalyptic thriller feasts on the juicy innards of streaming glory

Rarely have bloodthirsty hordes looked so good.

via 20th Century Fox

You know a franchise has made a lasting impact on the zeitgeist when sequel chatter hasn’t disappeared 15 years after the last installment, with the team behind 28 Days Later and sequel 28 Weeks Later very recently waking the rumor mill from its slumber once again.

While Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s second chapter may not be as impactful or influential as Danny Boyle’s opener, which proved to be a landmark entry in the zombie genre for a number of reasons, it more than stands on its own as a fast-paced, frantic, and frenzied successor that ups the stakes dramatically in terms of scope and scale.

via 20th Century Fox

The opening scene alone is one of the most unforgettable you’re ever likely to see, informing the desperation that’s gripped the world as the Rage virus continues to spread unabated. Perhaps spurred on by the latest 28 Months Later scuttlebutt, the middle chapter in what we’re all hoping eventually becomes a trilogy has been feasting on renewed streaming success.

As per FlixPatrol, 28 Weeks Later has bitten into the worldwide watch-lists on both Rakuten and iTunes this week, reminding everyone why the desire for a threequel hasn’t gone away yet. It might be bigger and louder, but the human drama remains the focus of the narrative, with American armed forces being drafted in to try and ensure London doesn’t become overrun.

All it takes is one slip for all hell to break loose, though, something that happens in the blink of an eye, opening up the gates to the infected storming the city and decimating anyone and everything unfortunate enough to be in their path.

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