An Anime Horse Girl Stars In Unusual Top Gun: Maverick Promotion

A lot of movies have had some incredibly strange promotions over the years. 7-Elevens were transformed into full Kwik-E-Marts for The Simpsons Movie and who can forget the oddity that was Slusho! involved in promoting Cloverfield? Now it looks like Tom Cruise and the gang are trying their hats at something extremely creative while teaming up with a Japanese game company behind one of the hottest anime out there right now to promote Top Gun: Maverick.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a Japanese exclusive mobile gacha game featuring anime girls named after famous racehorses that spawned an incredibly popular anime. One such character based on Mayano Top Gun was announced to be a “promotional pilot” in the game with plans for future ways to promote the upcoming film to be announced later.

Top Gun‘s official Japanese Twitter account even commented “NEED FOR SPEED” in a gloriously formatted tweet to celebrate the announcement. With Top Gun: Maverick now premiering May 27, 2022, there’s no word yet on how this might change these unique promotional plans.

Top Gun from Uma Musame Pretty Derby