Johnny Depp Fans Freaking Out As Amber Heard Disables Instagram Comments


After an audio clip exposed Amber Heard for physically and emotionally abusing Johnny Depp during their time together, the Aquaman 2 star is facing a lot of backlash and hate on the internet.

The former couple’s messy court battle recently took a surprising turn when Depp’s lawyers released an audio clip in which Heard admitted to getting physically violent with her then-husband. The new defamation lawsuit by Depp against his ex-wife has revealed a lot of details about their personal life together, including the time when she told him that no one was going to believe his narrative as a victim. In fairness, though, the Fantastic Beasts actor has every right to expose her, since he allegedly lost his role as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise because of the feud.

Suffice it to say, Heard is receiving a lot of heat amid these controversial revelations, and it would seem she’s now turned off her Instagram comments after Depp’s fans swarmed her posts and bashed the actress for lying her way through their court battle.

Of course, people quickly took to Twitter to further expose her, some even claiming that she deleted many of the negative comments before turning them off altogether. And below, you can see just a sample of what Depp’s many supporters, and Heard’s many critics, are saying:

After the petition to remove Heard from the sequel to Aquaman reached its target a couple of days ago, a new petition to remove her as a spokesperson for L’Oreal as well is also receiving a lot of buzz. Some reports even claim that Warner Bros. is seriously considering replacing her in Aquaman 2, which suggests that things aren’t looking good for the actress.

At any rate, this probably won’t be the last of what we hear from this toxic relationship, especially considering its various implications in the world of Hollywood, but how it’ll affect their respective careers from now on is unclear at this point.

Tell us, though, what do you think about this feud? Should Amber Heard receive a boycott like Depp did a couple of years ago? Sound off in the comments section below.