Jason Momoa Rises From The Ocean In New Aquaman Banner


Between the underwhelming box office performance of Justice League and a main character who’s been the butt of countless jokes over the years, James Wan’s Aquaman has faced an uphill battle in earning the interest and respect of the filmgoing public. But despite these obstacles and more, the DCEU’s next entry has accumulated some commendable levels of hype for itself, and now that the movie’s social media embargo has been lifted, the future is looking all the brighter for the Jason Momoa-led flick.

This new banner for the film probably won’t hurt matters either, showing Aquaman’s title hero emerging from the water with his trident in hand and ready to rock. The image has been unveiled as an online poster, and can also be seen out in public.

Despite the character being introduced in last year’s Justice League, this upcoming release could still be regarded as our first proper introduction to Arthur, as well as the expansive world he inhabits. Based on Wan’s interviews, the director seems very proud of the underwater realm he’s created for the character’s first big screen standalone adventure, claiming earlier this year that he even talked Zack Snyder out of introducing Atlantis in his last movie so he’d have more of a clean slate to work with.

It certainly sounds like Wan and Momoa already have sequel ideas in mind, and if this first film’s impressive pre-sales are anything to go by, then the pair may well end up getting what they want. With the DCEU currently going through a period of transition, it’s evident that various elements from the franchise’s past will soon be cleared away to make room for new ideas, and we’ll likely find out if there’s still a place for Arthur in this fictional universe’s future after Aquaman hits theaters on December 21st.