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At this rate, a rebooted Marvel icon could have their thunder stolen by the legacy star of a $415K trilogy they were hired to replace

The Multiverse Saga's problems in a nutshell.

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Thanos was the inevitable evil plaguing the Infinity Saga, but for the Multiverse Saga it’s delays. Whether because of the pandemic, the strikes, or just plain ol’ behind-the-scenes struggles, many of the current batch of MCU projects have been beset by protracted stints in development hell. Take the Blade reboot, for example. Mahershala Ali was announced to taking over the Daywalker way back in 2019. And even though the film is due to enter theaters in less than a year and a half’s time, it’s not even close to hitting cameras, as far as we can tell.

So it’s ironic, then, that amid Ali’s Eric Brooks remaining stuck in his coffin, the OG Blade could be on his way back to the big screen himself in a different Marvel movie. According to the latest rumor pointing to an upcoming MCU cameo, Wesley Snipes himself is gearing up to feature as Blade in Avengers: Secret Wars. Yes, apparently we’ve already exhausted the well of who could be showing up in Deadpool 3 so now we’re set to endure years of speculation on who might be turning up in 2027’s grand Phase Six finale.

via New Line Cinema

With Secret Wars giving Marvel free rein to pluck whichever legacy stars from superhero cinema’s past it wants, though, a Snipes cameo really isn’t all that hard to imagine. Likewise, the Blade reboot is highly unlikely to make it to screens by next fall. Even without the strikes forbidding production, the movie has been cursed by script issues since the beginning. At last count, its promised Eternals crossover with Kit Harington’s Black Knight wasn’t even going to happen.

So, there’s a not inconceivable chance that Blade could continue to be delayed, meaning that Wesley Snipes’ theoretical Secret Wars cameos may just end up happening before Ali has got the chance to show us what he’s got in the role. Talk about ice skating uphill.

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