Avengers 4 Trailer Said To Drop Any Time After Ralph Breaks The Internet


In last week’s online Q&A, Avengers 4 co-director Joe Russo mentioned that we “may or may not” be seeing the film’s all-important first trailer before the year is out, but much of the internet seems to be sticking to their forecast that the teaser will be dropping before the end of this month.

Trailer insider Anton Volkov, for instance, predicted a couple of days ago that the trailer is set to arrive in two weeks, and with the recent confirmation that the next Dumbo promo is coming out in the next week, Volkov sees no reason to change his mind, tweeting:

“TOY STORY this week, DUMBO end of this/early next…. You all know what’s next up”

As for Russo’s hint that we may have to wait until 2019, the TrailerTrack Twitter account had some blunt words to say on the matter:

“Oh, no way. Will be before end of year, if not in next couple of weeks”

MCU Cosmic leaker Jeremy Conrad seems pretty much in agreement with the above comments, too, while suggesting that the Russo Brothers could be getting ready to tease this first trailer very soon:

“The Russos like to do their own teasing with cryptic countdown posts.

Which I’d keep an eye out for any time after Ralph is in theaters next week.”

Conrad here is referring to Ralph Breaks the Internet, which comes out November 21st with the first Toy Story 4 trailer expected to play before it. After that, the lane seems more or less clear for the first set of footage from the Avengers: Infinity War sequel on the week beginning Monday the 26th.

Though this is all still speculation, it certainly looks like Disney has a teaser-shaped place in its schedule less than a fortnight from now, at which point the long-overdue Avengers 4 title reveal might finally be dropping at the same time. But regardless of when these two big unveilings arrive, one date that we can stay pretty sure of is the film’s release on May 3rd, 2019.